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Whether we travel for pleasure or business, we hate the idea that something unexpected, not to mention bad, could happen.  Yet, in reality, some trips are worse than others and sometimes we bring back less money and more memories we wish we did not have.  We bring home medical bills, receipts for additional nights at  hotels where emergencies force us to stay, or even new clothes if our baggage gets stolen.

Obviously, we cannot foresee the future, but with travel insurance we can protect ourselves from financial strains it may throw our way.  Since there are different types of travel insurance policies, we should always inform the insurance company about our destination and the trip’s duration.  If the need arises, travel insurance may cover a policy holder during domestic travels, international trips, or both. It is possible to purchase single-trip or multi-trip coverage, as well as increase the amount of covered expenses if we plan high risk activities such as extreme sports.

The list of coverage types is very long with medical and dental emergencies at its very top.  Among many others, travel insurance policies may also cover emergency evacuation, funeral expenses, legal assistance, missed connection, or trip cancellation.  Increasing amounts of travel insurance policies now cover losses suffered during terrorist attacks, so if you wish to have such coverage, be sure to bring this up when talking to an insurance agent.

Having travel insurance does not mean we can act irresponsibly.  If we lose our baggage only because we forgot about it and did not grab it from an airport luggage carousel, the policy will not cover us.  Similarly, we will not get reimbursed for medical expenses if they are direct effects of alcohol or drug-related incidents. Generally, in order to avoid unpleasant surprise and additional costs, it is always good to discuss any doubts during the conversation with a travel insurance provider.Some travel related losses may be covered by the homeowners policy even when you travel overseas. You may call us  at 440-838-5383 to get more information. We may even try to find a pet shelter for your cat or parrot.

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