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Health insurance empowers the life of many Americans.  It helps to reduce or eliminate the costs of medical or accident assistance and, as a result, provides peace of mind.  Medical costs in the United States of America are extremely expensive and in the case of accident or health threat, health insurance can cover the costs, thus reducing the trauma of the overall event.Health Insurance in the US is paid on a monthly basis and 84.7% of US citizens have health insurance through their employer or the employer of their spouse or parent (59.3%), though individual subscribers (8.9%), or through programs by the government (27.8%).  In all governmental health programs, such as medicaid, there is restricted eligibility, and there is no governmental health insurance that covers all Americans.Health insurance covers accidents, health emergencies and other health and wellness related issues.
As of the writing of this article, 30 million Americans are uninsured.Under the Obama Administration, the new health care legislation, set to be introduced in 2014, will require that all Americans buy health insurance or face a penalty.  Opposition to the health care bill, which Democrats claim as one of the crowning accomplishments of the Obama presidency, has serious opposition as over half the states in the US believes that Congress has over-stepped its boundaries in relation to health care.  The deliberation of the Highest supreme court is weighing the case and will deliver the verdict during the November 13 elections, delivering a political impact, not before the result of a supreme court ruling.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, health insurance costs are driven not only by rising health costs and administrative costs, but also by the added cost of health insurers making their profits.
The United States is the “only industrialized nation that relies heavily on a for-profit medical insurance industry to provide basic health care,” said Senator Diane Feinstein, a statement confirmed by the Pulitzer-prize winning Politifact watchdog group

All across the US, Hospitals are searching out more hospitals to purchase, and Doctors are leaving small private practices as the job opportunity and demand for additional doctors has risen.  Due to the competition of the large insurance companies, small insurers are going out of business.  States are simplifying decades of Medicaid rules and planning new ways for poor and rich alike to buy policies more easily.
Medicaid is the largest source of funding for medical and health-related services for people with limited incomes in the United States.

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