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The property you own such as a house or a commercial building belongs to you, but that doesn’t mean that it is always safe from damage.  A fire, weather damage, or theft are factors that are difficult to predict ahead of time. With property insurance, you can protect what you own from  many  unpredictable risks.  You can purchase a specific type of insurance such as fire insurance, flood insurance, or earthquake insurance if there is a high possibility of those risks in your area. Likewise, you may just buy home insurance, which protects your house from all types of damage.

Property insurance breaks down into two categories: open perils and named perils.

  • Open perils include all type of damage and cover the loss that may occur as a result of them. However, damage caused by earthquakes, nuclear incidents, terrorism, and war, may be excluded from these policies.
  • Named perils cover a particular cause of loss that must be listed in the insurance policy. These losses may include fire, lightning, terrorism, landslide, or theft.

Property insurance is a necessity if you own a home. You can install a five-star alarm system or other special device, but that won’t protect your home in the long run if serious damage such as a flood or fire takes place.  Personal Property insurance can be purchased for smaller property such as a collectibles, paintings,high value furniture,fur coats or other personal belongings such as jewelry.  Therefore, property insurance plans are flexible and often adjusted to answer to your personal needs.

If you have property, be sure to insure it just in case. Theft and the weather cannot be predicted, therefore it is better to be safe than sorry. That way, should some damage affect your home, business, or other property, you will be able to cover all expenses of the loss.  A home damaged by the flood or fire is not a reason for bankruptcy or homelessness. Please call 440-838-5383 if you fill that you are ready to become our platinum client. There must be a reason why many of our clients are coming back to us to enjoy our outstanding customer service and the value of an independent insurance agency.

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